Tickets and prices

Adults (ages 12 and above) Mon-Thu 18€ Fri from 14:00-Sun 22€
Kids (ages 2 to 12) Mon-Thu 10€ Fri from 14:00-Sun 13€
Discount groups Mon-Thu 13€ Fri from 14:00-Sun 16€
Ages 0 to 2 enter for free

Swimming tickets are available at the Allas Shop. Reservations are not needed for the saunas or pools. At Allas Shop, your ticket will be exchanged for a wristband which allows entry to the saunas and pools. The wristband also enables you to lock a locker. Each wristband is valid for 3 hours or until closing time if it’s bought less than three hours before closing.

Discounted prices are available for: students, pensioners and unemployed. Proof of status is required upon entry.

Weekend prices are applicable during Holidays. Please note that ticket sales end 40 min before closing and swimming time 20 min before closing.

Single tickets are valid for 2 hours from the moment they are purchased. If the ticket is purchased online it will be exchanged for a wristband at the ticket sale.

Towels are not included in the ticket price. They’re available for rent at the Allas Shop for 8.9€.

Allas Sea Pool accepts cash as well as debit & credit cards (excluding Diners). The following sports vouchers can also be used to purchase tickets at Allas Sea Pool:

Smartum: Smartum Liikuntaseteli and Smartum Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli as well as the Smartum Pay -app. No change will be provided for vouchers. The vouchers are valid until the date printed on them. If your name is not printed on the back, please write your name on the vouchers before use. These vouchers are for personal use only, so you cannot use them to pay for a family member, for instance.

Edenred: Ticket Mind&Body, Ticket Duo and Virikeseteli. Edenred vouchers are personal and can only be used for activities and cultural services.

E-passi: ePassi -app is personal and can only be used for activities.

You need a ticket to enter the pool deck area, the cafe terrace and restaurant has a free entry. Parents who assist their kids in the dressing room and guard them while swimming need to buy a ticket.

Serial ticket:
10 x for adults 150€
10 x for kids 79€
10 x for discount groups 109€

1 month summer pass (valid 30 days):
Adults / 120€
Discount group 1 (ages 2 to 12) / 60€

Silver membership (3 months) 55€ / month
Gold membership (6 months) 50€ / month
Platinum membership (12 months) 45€ / month

Memberships continue automatically until further notice as a monthly subscription after the initial membership period (3, 6 or 12 mos) end unless they are cancelled. When activating your card consent for the first time, Nets charges a 1€ service fee.

Please note that serial and monthly tickets are for personal use only. Serial tickets are valid for one year from the moment of purchase.

Unfortunately we do not have family tickets. In addition to the single tickets we sell our serial and monthly tickets which are for personal use.

Event info

Tickets to live events can be purchased beforehand through lippu.fi and at Allas ticket sale on the day of the event (if tickets are still available). Ticket verification and entry to the venue starts 2 hours before showtime.

If entry to the event is by buying tickets to the pool, you can purchase them from the Allas web shop or ticket office. Pool tickets are valid for 3 hours and allow re-entry. Make sure to empty your locker before leaving the venue.

As the event organiser, Allas Sea Pool has the right to cancel any event and refund tickets if ticket sales are insufficient. Should any unexpected obstacles arise, the event organiser has the right to make changes in the line-up and schedule of speakers, performers or artists.

The event organiser is free to record videos and photographs during their event and to use the recordings in their communications, marketing and media of choice.

To ensure safety during large events, such as live shows, large backpacks and bags are not allowed inside the venue. Umbrellas are also not allowed during concerts. A secure, paid cloakroom will be provided.

Professional SLR cameras are not allowed without a permit. However, small cameras and phones are allowed.

Allas is a registered restaurant space. Therefore you cannot bring your own food or drinks into the venue. During concerts and events, bags and backpacks will be checked upon entry.

As an event organiser and provider of wellness services, Allas Sea Pool processes personal data and maintains a customer register consisting of personal data provided by customers and participants through signup and purchase forms in order to maintain customer relations, develop operations and for marketing and promotion purposes. As an event organiser and provider of wellness services, Allas Sea Pool may provide email addresses from participants to event and service partners, who may then use the data for their own direct marketing. As a registrar, you can prohibit the processing and/or transfer of your personal data for marketing purposes by notifying Allas by email: info(@)allasseapool.fi

Pools and sauna

There are three swimming pools on the floating pool deck of Allas Sea Pool: the heated pool, children’s pool and sea water pool. The heated pool and children’s pool are filled with fresh water heated to 27°C (80.5°F). The heated pool is 25m long and 160cm deep. The children’s pool is 17 m long and 60 cm deep.

The sea water pool is 11 m long and 180 cm deep. The water is pumped from cleaner currents farther away in the sea, and the water is filtered for particles, as well as using UV technology. The temperature of the water varies according to the temperature of the sea.

The children’s pool is emptied during the winter season. Children are welcome all year round to the heated pool accompanied by an adult.

Allas Sea Pool is run almost completely with renewable energy. The pools are heated with renewable district heating powered by biogas. In addition, the spa is cooled off with renewable district cooling.

There are three different saunas at Allas; a women’s sauna, a men’s sauna and a mixed sauna. The saunas are heated electrically, and their temperature is c. 90°C (175° Fahrenheit).

No, it is pumped from a clean stream further out and filtered clean.

Kids pool 60 cm, warm water pool 165 cm, sea pool 180 cm.


Yes, there is no age restriction.

Swimwear & swim device

In the all saunas, you need swimwear.

Yes, all types of swimwear is allow, but it needs to be for swimming, not sportswear.


We don’t have a reservation system. Please contact us by email (myynti@allasseapool.fi) if you’re planning a visit for a group of more than 15 people.