The sweetest of Helsinki moments.


Swimming at Allas varies depending on when you arrive. Morning swimmers are a tribe of their own, and they often come from closeby. Those who love our moonlight swims and special events come far and wide. At Allas, you can choose between a slow lingering and the fast lane of healthy living. Or choose both – it’s up to you.

Our warm water pool and sea water pool cater to swimmers, movers, exercizers, sun bathers and lingerers alike. The warm water pool is heated to 27°C all year round. In the summer, children can swim either in their own pool or at the big pool with accompanying adults.

At Allas, you will surely find the perfect time and place just for you. And the sweetest of Helsinki moments.

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The saunas of the Allas Sea Pool offer a relaxing and refreshing experience for visitors. The Allas Sea Pool has a total of five saunas, three located on the floating level and two in the main building. The saunas’ unique waterfront location and sea views offer an added dimension to the Allas experience. You can relax in the warmth of the sauna while admiring the sparkling open sea.