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We believe in self-cultivation and the eternal joy of learning. Learning new skills is one of the things that make life worth living, but we are careful not to take ourselves too seriously. Consider the courses like small recipes for wellbeing – pick and choose the ones best suited for you!

Wine & Stretching

After a long week at work, who wouldn’t want an extra 75 minutes of relaxation for the mind and body. A light stretching session based on Yin yoga, ended with a restful recline on a yoga mat, wrapped in a warm blanket, topped off with a glass of wine and relaxing music. We strive to get you to your happy place.

Come as you are, no previous yoga experience or work stress necessary. The price includes a glass of wine or non-alcoholic option.

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A core workout with yoga moves!

The class begins with breathing exercises, soft-opening movements, and traditional yoga poses, followed by a pair of mid-body and challenging bodyweight exercises.

In class, you can also try upside-down poses and exercises, i.e., inversions, using the feet up chair as an aid. Thanks to the chair, there is no pressure on the neck at all and no previous experience is required, but with the instructions given by the instructor and various variations, you will start with the peaceful steps that are right for you and you will probably be positively surprised.

The instructor ensures a safe and fun lesson, which is suitable for everyone who wants a fun practice and is interested in trying something new, as well as, of course, those who are already familiar with the sport.

Sauna yoga

Win the day with a peaceful sauna yoga.

The 50-degree heat relaxes the muscles and poses based on various yoga styles remove tension from the neck and shoulder area, the muscles surrounding the spine and hips, and strengthen the core and legs. You will notice the beneficial effects after your first class. After the sauna yoga, you can still get a boost for the day in the seawater pool by taking a dip or finish the peaceful start to the morning in the warm water pool; Swimming is included in the price!

You can come to the class however you are comfortable, for example, in a swimsuit or light training cloths (such as a t-shirt & shorts) and it is a good idea to bring a drinking bottle with you.