Membership at Allas

Would you want to enjoy the unlimited services of Allas urban seaside resort, develop your overall wellbeing and be part of the community? Allas Sea Pool offers the opportunity to relax and feel good. As a member, it’s all easier! As a member, you get benefits you wouldn’t otherwise get at Allas.

As a member, you will enjoy the following:

Unlimited access to pools and saunas

Enjoy a morning swim, take a refreshing dip in the sea pool or relax in the warm water pools. Even every day.

Free weekly classes for members only

Sauna yoga and swimming technique clinics are only available to members.

Free rental of a water running belt

Cold swim start and guidance

Start your cold swim journey with a professional guide at the cold swim start.

Member’s special day once a month

On Members’ Day, you can bring a friend to swim with you for free. From October onwards, Members’ Days will take place on the first Monday of the month. The benefit is valid until 2023. Allas reserves the right to reschedule the date of the Members Day.

Member evenings

Interesting members’ evening events, with guest speakers on current wellbeing topics. Expand your knowledge, improve your life and join a community that values your growth and well-being.

Virtual lessons

Move and relax anywhere, anytime. We offer meditation, body care and muscle conditioning classes, as well as instructions for cold swimming.

10% discount on courses

Experience extensive wellness experience by attending one of our courses, including swimming courses

10% discount on concerts

Experience the summer gigs in a unique environment.


1 month membership

70 € / month

12 month membership

700 €

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1 month membership

12 month membership

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